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Real end-to-end encryption
Symmetric algorithm: AES (256-bit)
Asymmetric / Public Key Algorithm: RSA
Two-Way User Authentication
Secure Hardware Platforms
Video Record - Play, MP3 - Radio
Vibration, Bluetooth, Extendable Memory
3 MP Camera - 116x50x145.65 mm Dimensions

Leading Technology

There are two built-in SmartCard in Enigma mobile phones. "GSM SIM", the standard GSM services, the other card that is produced by the Trust Centre which is recognized around the world provides strong authentication and encryption by using established and open protocols. This card is known as Crypto-SIM (Password-SIM) or Netkey (Network Key) card.

Pioneer designs unify these two technologies to create an incomparable and unbreakable cryptographic key for each call. Thus, point to point a reliable authorization and privacy of non-vulnerability is provided.

Encryption system is a hybrid mechanism which is generally accepted and applied in too many high quality products. Enigma T301TR, because of the secret keys keep in a safe manner and never excluded on the Netkey / TCOS card, provides full bi-directional authentication.

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Easy To Use

To make a safe call with Encrypted Enigma T301 TR phone, simply dial the number and press the "Crypto (Password)" button. You can make encrypted calls between two Enigma T301TR Encrypted system, the system is completely safe.

The Encrypted Enigma T301 TR phone works with all GSM 900/1800/1900 mobile phone networks.
With the Encrypted Enigma T301TR phone you can make your normal calls like your safe calls.

Enigma T301TR does not depend on a specific network, on both normal and encrypted calls, it will use your existing mobile phone number. You don't need to purchase a server or to install anything and it does not require any changes to the network. The only needed things to be able to make secure calls while you are on the move are two encrypted Enigma T301 TR phones.

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Production Information

Enigma brand Encrypted mobile phones has been designed and manufactured in Germany in close cooperation with Deutsche Telecom's security department T-System/T-Telesec, Deutsche Telekom, Infineon Technologies, Comneon, Digital Design, Kedcom, DWD.

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Safety Features

  • Secure voice communication (encrypted phone calls)
  • It also works as a standard GSM phone (open calls, SMS, etc.)
  • Encryption processor with high performance
  • For encrypted phone calls the most advanced audio decoder (excellent speech quality)
  • Integrated Cryptographic Smart Card Reader (SIM 2)
  • Encryption-Module Operating System: the approval of the ITSEC E4 + TCOS
  • A multi-award winning ITSEC E4 + certified encryption-SIM
  • True Random Number Generator implemented in hardware
  • Asymmetric / Public Key Algorithm: RSA
  • Symmetric algorithm: AES (256-bit)
  • Sim Lock
  • Call record and hiding the number of who calls
  • Custom contact groups by using White List
  • The opt-out of certain numbers by using the Black list function (e.g., stolen / lost Handheld Devices)
  • Identifying the Indoor / In-Company User Group
  • There is no key escrow, or any type of backdoor
  • The entire system can be verified entirely by the customer or an independent organization
  • Easy to use for all kinds of user
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Works with any GSM SIM
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Full Security System

  • Real end-to-end encryption.
  • Two-Way User Authentication
  • Secure Hardware Platforms
  • Easy to use and carry
  • The Verifiable Latest Technology Encryption
  • Excellent Speech Quality
  • Integrated Hardware and Software Security Solution
  • Private Communication Groups
  • Uses encryption systems and components approved by ITSEC

You can use Enigma T301 TR Encrypted mobile phone in normal mode or as safe telephone in your daily or private jobs. In safe mode, you can communicate with all other Enigma T301 TR Encrypted phones.

The Enigmas that using cryptographic systems and components approved by ITSEC are scored as "Dual Purpose Product that can be used" because of they provide top-level dialing security, that's way, it can be used both military and civilian purposes.

Complete Trust Audio Codes

The Encrypted Enigma T301 TR mobile phones which are Hardware and Software Components that has been manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements of states and military security has been designed and manufactured in Germany in close cooperation with Deutsche Telecom security department, T-System/T-Telesec, Deutsche Telecom, Infineon Technologies, Comneon, Digital Design, Kedcom, and DWD. The Encrypted Enigma T301 TR mobile phone provides a powerful end-to-end encryption for voice communication on the standard GSM networks by using the most advanced encryption technology and with the GSM network raw data service capabilities.

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Enigma Technical Specifications

Weight (gr) 92,5 gr
Expandable Memory Yes
Assisted GPS No
Bluetooth Yes
Dimensions (mm) 115x50x14,7 mm
Touchscreen No
Screen Resolution (pixel) 240x320 pixels 256K colors
Screen Type LCD
Camera Yes
Guaranty Term (year) 2 Years
Video talk No
Hands free Yes
Calculator/Chronometer Yes
Infrared No
Java Applications Yes
Camera Resolution (pixel) 3.0 Megapixel
Package Contents Enigma phone-Battery-USB and charge cable-quick start guide-personnel microphone -headphone-charger crypto Sim card-User Guide on CD and USB Drivers -2GB micro SD Memory Card
Brand Name Enigma
Max. Stan-by / Speaking (hour) 500/3,5
Max. Capacity of Phone Memory (Name) 1000
Mp3/Radio Mp3
Game Yes
Battery Type 950 mAH Lion Battery
Qwerty Keyboard No
Color Number 1
Colored Screen Yes
Clock/Alarm/Agenda Yes
SAR Value (W/kg) Max 880,2Mhz GPRS 0,755 W/kg
Make a voice call No
SIM CARD (Single/dual) Single
Network frequency (Mhz) GSM900-1800-1900
Phone Memory 40 MB
Phone Type Classic
Vibration Yes
Supporting of USB Yes
Video Record Yes
Video Play Yes
Wi-Fi No
3G No


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